What to do in Ithaca

I recently went to Ithaca, the lovely city in the Finger Lakes region that I was mostly familiar with  because of two well-known colleges that are housed in the city. My partner and I had quite ambitious plans for our four days in town, but when it came time to drive upstate, the forecast said […]

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City League Coffee Roasters

Dane of City League Coffee Roasters has always been about people. Even before he got into the coffee industry, he was most focused on his family and his community in Sunset Park. Coffee might seem like just a drink to most people. But for Dane, coffee is much more personal; it is a passion that […]

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Lost in the City

New York is a city of art; artists of so many different backgrounds, styles, and motives come out to the city. I’ve often wondered whether it’s the existing network in the city of artists or it’s the city itself that leads to new artists arriving here. Both are probably the case, but there is something […]

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