What I actually look like, no joke!

I’m Orange Backpack.

And no, I’m clearly not a backpack. Backpacks aren’t sentient beings that can run blogs. Yet. But I do carry around my orange backpack often if I’m going anywhere past a one-block radius.

I’m a 20-something woman who is always trying to figure out life. Over the last six years of living in NYC and visiting a few other places in between, I’ve developed a love for good food and generally cool things. I’m also a nonprofit worker, a serial hobbyist, and a restaurant postcard collector.

Orange Backpack is a blog centered around buying small and living large. It’s where I get to talk about awesome small businesses in NYC (or places I visit) that I think you should eat, drink, or shop at. It’s also where I post about my version of “living large”—which means living in a way that brings me joy or fulfillment.

I appreciate you visiting my site! Stay safe and keep others safe!