What I actually look like, no joke!

I’m Orange Backpack.

And no, I’m clearly not a backpack. Backpacks aren’t sentient beings that can run blogs. Yet. But I do carry around my orange backpack often if I’m going anywhere past a one-block radius.

I’m a 20-something woman who is always trying to figure out life. Over the last six years of living in NYC and visiting a few other places in between, I’ve developed a love for good food and generally cool things. I’m also a nonprofit worker, a serial hobbyist, and a restaurant postcard collector.

Orange Backpack is my blog where I write about places I’ve been to, food I’ve eaten, business owners I’ve met, and more. I’m hoping to find more of my niche as time goes on while having fun improving my photo-taking skills (I cannot in good faith call what I do photography because it’s too amateur).

Thanks for stoping by! Stay safe and keep others safe!