Sundae Service

What do you get when you have two sisters, a gifted ice cream machine, and an affinity for fun flavor combinations? You get Sundae Service, an ice cream delivery service that drops off some exciting pints at your door on Sundays!

Sundae Service started during the summer of 2020 by sisters Liz and Debbie, after Debbie received an ice cream maker for her birthday. For Liz and Debbie, ice cream was a childhood treat that they loved. During the pandemic, they experimented with ice cream flavors outside of what was available in grocery stores and began sharing their creations with friends. With some encouragement with their friends, Sundae Service turned into a delivery-based business serving up unique flavors such as Ginger Black Sesame and Jasmine Tea with Roasted Rice. The company focuses on creating ice cream that represents Asian culture.

Eco-friendly recyclable packaging!

There are a few things about Sundae Service that are undeniably cool. First, their packaging is 100% recyclable and paper-based. Second, their ice cream is made of all-natural ingredients including cage-free eggs and fresh fruits. And third, I think the collaboration between Liz and Debbie and each sister playing to their strength is pretty amazing. Liz has a background in economics and art, and Debbie has experience in social media and communications. Both sets of skills are used for their business, which make them an awesome team. (They also currently churn out all the ice cream between the two of them!) The company also aims to support and connect with the community in and around NYC. They currently donate a portion of their profits to SafeWalks NYC and collaborate with women-owned and minority-owned businesses on their products.

Sundae Service’s flavors are born in a couple of different ways, but they always incorporate Asian ingredients into each pint. For example, one of their friends loves the classic Chunky Monkey flavor from Ben and Jerry’s, so Sundae Service created something similar—a banana ice cream with walnuts, but with miso caramel swirled in instead of fudge pieces. Some of their flavors, such as the Pandan Coconut, are based on their favorite childhood snacks or existing Asian desserts. Sundae Service also runs seasonal flavors like the Mooncake—a red bean ice cream base with a salted egg yolk core that was made for mid-Autumn festival this past fall.

Earl Grey Strawberry Cheesecake on the top, Banana Miso Caramel on the bottom.

Sundae Service is a pretty great company from many angles, but how does the ice cream actually taste? The short answer: they’re really tasty, but also fun! I tried the Banana Miso Caramel and the Earl Grey Strawberry Cheesecake via their delivery service. Both flavors had a smooth and creamy texture and as a fellow Asian American I feel the need to say this: the ice cream here is not too sweet. If you know, you know that this is definitely a compliment.

The Banana Miso Caramel is totally bananas. (Get it? It’s a joke!) Because it has fresh fruit, it tastes quite a bit like banana bread, but the savoriness of the miso caramel adds another layer of flavor that really brings everything together. The Earl Grey Strawberry Cheesecake is something I’d recommend to anyone who likes tea-flavored desserts—the earl grey pairs really well with the bites of cheesecake and strawberries mixed in. Debbie and Liz said this flavor is inspired by the cheese foam strawberry tea from Debutea, and I totally see it (and anyone who has gotten that drink on their way to Bobst Library will see it too). I loved both of the flavors I ordered, but I would have to say that the Earl Grey takes the (cheese)cake for me.

A stunning close up, right?

If you’re in the mood for some fun ice cream flavors that come in eco-friendly packaging, go order a pint or two from Sundae Service! I’m thrilled to have found a woman-owned and Asian-owned business that makes one of my favorite foods and will definitely continue to support them. Their delivery range is pretty wide, and as someone who lives in a neighborhood with few ice cream options, getting ice cream sent to my door is such a treat. Don’t forget to grab a bowl and some toppings to make a sundae for your perfect Sunday!

Check out Sundae Service at and order at

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