Little Shop of Soil

At the intersection of Myrtle, Central, and Dekalb Avenues in Bushwick, there is a magical little plant shop called Little Shop of Soil. Inside, you will find a green wonderland and enough pretty pots and planters for you, no matter who you may be.

The cute storefront!

The name of the store is a play on Little Shop of Horrors, a film that owners Alissa and Adam watched during the early stages of opening their business. The two of them say the name is very fitting of their original Bushwick location as it is, in fact, a little shop and a plant store in New York. The idea of opening a store full of plants initially came about when they passed by the location of their Brooklyn shop a few years back while the couple was coming home with some plants they had purchased in Greenpoint. What started as a green-thumb hobby grew into a full-fledged business, now with a second location in Ridgewood.

Suuuper cozy interior.

Their Bushwick store is small, however upon entering you can see a room full of flourishing plants ready to find new homes. The inside of the store is cozy and vibrant, with strings of lights hanging from the ceiling and leafy plants along the walls. The arrangement of greenery and merchandise show care and thoughtfulness, as each plant looks right at home. Despite this location being small, there is something for any level of plant parent—though if you’re looking to buy your first plants, Alissa and Adam recommend going with a snake plant, ZZ plant, pothos plant, or philodendron. They want plant owners to take home something they love and can easily care for so that they won’t be discouraged to continue getting more plants.

What makes Little Shop of Soil special is the selection of unique pots and planters they carry. Many of them are originally designed by Alissa and Adam, and their concrete creations have been an important part of the store since the beginning. Right before the couple opened their little Bushwick location, they were thinking of ways to make their shop stand out. After considering repurposed glass bottles, they looked into using concrete to make pots and decided on it as their primary medium. The first year Little Shop of Soil was open, both Alissa and Adam were still working their 9-to-5 jobs, so they would make concrete planters at night to have them ready for open hours on weekends. Their planters are simple yet beautiful and reflect the couple’s background in fashion as well as their passion for making the best possible vessels for greenery.

The beautiful creations of many artists!

Little Shop of Soil also carries gorgeous pots and planters from independent brands and studios, including PALA and Philip Kupferschmidt. They have also sold things from friends who are makers as well, and Alissa and Adam always think about whether the products they stock are things they would be excited to own themselves. They want to support ceramic artists that they love and are currently working with some Brooklyn artists for future collections. There are additional ceramics and pots available in their more spacious Ridgewood location, and they’re hoping to have even more in a third store that is opening soon!

Alissa and Adam are opening a new location of Little Shop of Soil on March 13th, their second in Bushwick and their third overall, and they are hoping to make this one a little extra special. This new store has a special build out that they are excited to unveil and will have a gallery feel. They are also working with Elaine Tian of Studio Joo to create a ceramic collection for the launch of this location. With the opening of their third store, Alissa and Adam are planning to hold classes for propagation, soil blending, ceramics, and more in the future. So not only will you be able to get your plants here, you will also have the chance to learn to care for them better.

My little plant!

As for my own visit to the Bushwick shop, I was on the hunt for a tiny plant for my work-from-home desk. I actually haven’t owned a real, living plant since moving away for college six years ago, so I wanted to start with something small that I could care for. I picked out a small succulent with pink edges from a selection at the counter for just $5 and the staff member very kindly informed me on how often to water it when I asked. I love my little plant and already want more of them, but will have to wait until I figure out how to take care of my first one. However, I will definitely be back to Little Shop of Soil and am looking forward to checking out their Ridgewood store and their newest Bushwick location as well!

Visit Little Shop of Soil at 1311 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn and 788 Woodward Ave., Ridgewood

Check them out at and @littleshopofsoil

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